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Greenwich 1896

Annual report for the year ending 25th March, 1897

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the same size. There is a garden, enclosed on three sides by a
high brick wall. There is also a small house between the reservoir
and the road.
Communication with other Companies' mains.—There is no
communication with the mains of any other company.
Length of new pipes.—The length of new pipes ranging from
3 in. to 20 in. laid in 1895 was 10½ miles, and during the year
1896 was 15⅛ miles.
Hydrants.—The number of hydrants erected during the year
1895 was 274, and during the year 1896 it was 613.
Houses under constant supply.—The number of houses under
constant supply on Dec. 31st, 1894, was 61,312; on Dec. 31st,
1895, 66,750; and on Dec. 31st, 1896, 71,463.
Percentage of houses under constant supply.—On Dec. 31st,
1896, the percentage of houses under constant supply was 85.
Average daily supply per head.—The average daily supply per
head for the year 1896 was 32.17 gallons. These figures are
arrived at by the Company as follows:—average daily supply,
16,069,991 ; average population, 500,286. The difference
between the figures given by the Company and those given by
the water examiner appointed by the Local Government Board
is caused by the fact that whereas the Secretary to the Company
makes no allowance for "slip quantities in the pumps," an allowance
for this is made by the water examiner to the Local Government

Date of maximum and minimum supply.—The following table gives the date of the maximum and minimum supplies and the average daily quantities supplied:—

Year 1895.Year 1896.
Mouth.Quantity in gallons.Month.Quantity in gallons.
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