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Greenwich 1896

Annual report for the year ending 25th March, 1897

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short gallery in the chalk. The other (No. 2) has a longer
gallery ending in a bore-hole about 200 ft. in depth. The water
level varies from 40 ft. to 80 ft. below the ground level, which is
30 ft. above ordnance datum. The amount of water pumped
daily varies from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 gallons. The water is
pumped by a pair of compound rotative beam-engines of
260 horse-power, which work two lift-pumps for raising the water
from the wells, and two pairs of force-pumps which send the
water through a 24 in. main to Eltham reservoir.
Westerham.—The Westerham station is situated on the
outskirts of the Equerry's Park. It consists of a well 70 ft. in
depth, pumping arrangements, and a reservoir. The water is
pumped by an overshot water-wheel, and the stream which turns
it has a fall of about 15 feet. The amount of water pumped
daily is about 25,000 gallons. It is pumped to a reservoir
situated on an eminence hard by, at a height of 444 ft. above
ordnance datum. The reservoir is a covered one, and is capable
of holding 60,000 gallons. The village of Westerham is supplied
partly from this source and partly from Knockholt.
Betsom's Hill.—This hill forms part of the North Downs,
and on the map the station is marked too far to the east. It
is nearer the boundary. There is here a covered reservoir,
built of concrete, capable of holding 68,000 gallons. The top
water line is 818 ft. above ordnance datum. The reservoir
supplies a few houses on the hill. The water is pumped as
occasion requires by a portable engine from a well situated at
the foot of the downs, close to the Pilgrim's Way and the
boundary between the counties of Kent and Surrey.
Eltham.—The station at Eltham is situated at the eastern
end of the village of that name, at a height of 240 ft. above
ordnance datum. There is a circular reservoir, covered with
brick arches, capable of holding 3,000,000 gallons. The internal
arrangements of the reservoir insure a circulation of the water,
which comes in at the outer circle and makes three circuits before
it passes out at the centre. All the water is pumped into and
passes out of the reservoir every day. The property here is about
three acres in extent and there is room for another reservoir of

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