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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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The resulting gross death-rate would be 17.4 per thousand
for the year, being 0.2 above the death-rate for the last two years
—1891 and 1892—which was 17.2; the death-rate for the ten
years last past, having averaged 18.3 per thousand, showing that
the mortality for 1893 was below that average.

Deaths occurring within the parish, of persons not belonging thereto:

In the Union Infirmary193
In the Bolingbroke Hospital5
In the Emanuel School1
Elsewhere (in River Thames and Public Streets, &c.)5
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It will be observed that two hundred and four nonparishioners
died within the limits of the parish during 1893;
eliminating these by relegating them to their respective parishes
it is necessary to determine the number of Battersea parishioners
who died in the various hospitals and other public
institutions of the Metropolis and elsewhere.

Deaths occurring outside the parish, of persons belonging thereto:

Union Workhouse, Wandsworth7
General and Special Hospitals216
Metropolitan Asylums Board Hospitals122
County and other Lunatic Asylums28
Elsewhere (including River Thames)4
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These tables shew that three hundred and seventy-seven
persons belonging to Battersea died elsewhere; if the two
hundred and tour non-parishioners be deducted from the year's
mortality of 2,801, and the three hundred and seventy-seven be
added thereto, there will be a total mortality of 2,974, which is
equal to a corrected death-rate of 18.5 per thousand. This is

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