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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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The deaths similarly recorded during the year 1893 num.
bered 91,536; which, upon the same population, would give a
death-rate for the year for the whole Metropolis of 21.3 per
As it will be shown in the following pages that the birthrate
for Battersea during 1893 was 32.6, and the death-rate,
including non-parishioners in public institutions existing within
the parish was 17.4, it follows that the birth-rate of Battersea
was 1.6 per thousand above that of London, while the deathrate
was 3.9 per thousand below the Metropolitan rate amongst
persons dying in the parish, whether belonging thereto or not.

During the year 1893 the deaths which took place within the boundaries of the parish, including all non-parishioners dying in the Union Infirmary and elsewhere, are shewn in Table A of mortality and may be thus summarised.

East Battersea1,159
West Battersea1,278
(excluding public institutions)
Wandsworth and Clapham Union Infirmary—
(a) Parishioners 162355
(b) Non-Parishioners 193
Polingbroke Hospital—
(a) Parishioners 16
(b) Non-Parishioners 5
Masonic School—
(a) Parishioners 11
(b) Non-Parishioners —
Emanuel School—
(a) Parishioners 12
(b) Non-Parishioners 1
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