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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Table XIII. Comparative Table of all non-zymotic causes of Deaths during the past 11 years.

Tubercular, including Phthisis430479420439367342334320285237355
Of Brain, Nerves, Ac.287298282289280223212261195259213
Of the Heart, &c.129148159159128113108148141183159
Of the Respiratory Organs,excluding Phthisis566489630584528474391618572635653
Of Digestive Organs11085889686113100118122112127
Of Uriuary Organs4834463153243934497260
Of Organs of Generation201623141961415161514
Of Joints, Bones, &c.191682030934723
Premature Birth, Low Vitality, Malformation, &c.104149137175202175205206238256295
Of Uncertain Seat Cancer, Syphilis, Dropsy, &c.759110510610579967089233130
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Table XIII., Non-zymotic deaths.—The mortality from
these diseases does not materially vary from year to year, notwithstanding
the increase in populotion, which shews a
proportionately diminished mortality, and may be reasonably
ascribed to an improved hygiene, the result of better and more
vigilant sanitation. Phthisis and the other tubercular diseases
are found to diminish in proportion to better sanitary conditions;
a glance at the table will shew a progressive diminution in the
number of fatal cases in a population which has increased 43 per
cent. in the period included in the table. Respiratory diseases
shew a high mortality, but only in proportion to the increased
population, and maintained by the still lingering epidemic of
influenza, which, after a former outbreak of the disease in 1846,
was not finally got rid of for ten years, although the fatality grew
less year by year. The other causes of death need no comment,
except that the deaths from premature birth and low vitality at

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