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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Erysipelas. Four hundred and thirty-nine cases of erysipelas
were notified in 1893. This is a large increase in numbers and
the mortality was twenty-seven, chiefly in the Union Infirmary,
to which all such cases drift in case of poverty, other institutions
not admitting this disease.
Zymotic The table (XII.) of fatal diseases of the infectious
class given herewith shews that five hundred and
sixty-four deaths arose therefrom. But one hundred and twentyone
deaths arose from the principal notifiable diseases, scarlet
fever, diphtheria and enteric fever, out of a total of two thousand,
seven hundred and ninety-eight cases of those diseases notified
during the year.
Of the non-notifiable infectious diseases, in Table XII.,
measles, whooping cough, diarrhoea and “other infectious
diseases,” which latter include forty-nine fatal cases of influenza,
a total mortality of four hundred and forty-three occurred during
1893. It is to the great fatality of these unnotified infectious
diseases that the zymotic death-rate of 3.5 per thousand is
principally due.

TABLE. XII. Comparative Table of Zymotic Mortality during the past 11 years.

Scarlet Fever433181468251210101517
Enteric, &c. Fevers264518231713152119814
Whooping Cough9910612110411211981146104100115
Epidemic Diarrhœa1151781261521757511212110499120
Other Zymotic Diseases15135262522215989133118
Total Deaths from Zymotic Diseases369568432398502363366543398473564
Zymotic Death Rate3.
Death-rates from all Diseases20.021.120.419.018.215.715.619.317.217.217.4
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