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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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small pox cases admitted to the Metrpolitan Asylums Board's Hospital Ships at Long Reach from Battersea, During the Year 1893.

NoName.SexAge.Address.Dateoi Admission.Statementasto PrimaryVaccinationNo. of Scars.Collective Area.Re-vaccinated.
27M. B.F8156, York roadJune 6In infancyNone-NotDied
28H C.M22Lodging House, Surrey lane” 641.36 sq,in,Recovered
29w.I.M31126, Maysouleroad” 1010.42 ” ”
30M. D.F253, Corunna terrace” 222Indistinct
31C. D.F4543, Surreylane” 2410.23 sq,in,
32M. B.F29156, York road” 2630.46 ” ”
33R. R.M1936, Woodgate street” 2631.41 ” ”
34A. B.F2022 , Acre street” 30,,21.58 ” ”
35R. M.M32, Alfred streetJuly 4Not vaccinatedNone--Died
36J.T.F2931, Sterndale road” 4In infancy30.36 sq,in,NotRecovered
37M. I. T.F1Do” 4Not vaccinatedNone--Died
38J.P. R. P.F1713, John street” 4In fancy4IndistinctNotRecovered
39R. T.M3131, Sterndale road” 520.27 sq. in,
40D. W.F9 m'ths23 „” 5Not vaccinatedNone--Died
41E. T.F3231 „” 6In infancy42.24 sq. in,NotRecovered
42E. T.F1 month„ „” 6Vaccinated 6/7/93---Developed July 10, Died
43A. F.F1016, Acrestreet” 7Not vaccinatedNoneNotDied
44J. H. S.M1638, Dashwood road” 7In infancy30.54 sq. in,Not knownRecovered
45A. S.FIA12, Etruria street” 851.11 ” ”Not
46J. M.M361” 931.39 ” ”1881, successfully
47w. w.M1718, Johnstreet” 1030.64 ” ”Not
48A. W.M3Do” 10Not vaccinatedNone--Died
49R. W.M2123, Sterndale road” 11In infancy21.18 sq. in,NotRecovered
50S. C.F23Do.” 1140.64 ” ”
51G. C.F2Do.” 11Not vaccinatedNone--
52H. C.M5Do.” 11Vac. 11th July,/93DevelopedDevelSmall pox 116thJuly
53E. F.F392, RollostreetJuly 17Ininfancy1IndefiniteNotRecovered
54W. T.M2153, Beaufoyroad”1740.80 sq. in,Unrecorded
55A. T.F1827, Arthurstreet”1730.77 ” ”Not
56J. l.M1437, Rollo street”18NotNone--
57E. M.M215, Gladstone strret”19In infancy3about 0.57
58J.B.M1826, Alfredstreet”19NotNone__Not
59T. C.M1118, Arthurstreet”19--
60A. B.M2288, Stewartsroad”20In infancy3about 0.92Not
61A. P.M19, Lockingtonroad”20NotNone-
62M. D.F2920, Etruriastreet”20In infancy42.38 sq. in,
63A. C.M823, Sterndaleroad”22None-
64A. T.F1927, Johnstreet”2242.50 sq. in,
65J.H.M19123, Stewartsroad” 2321.04 ” ”Unrecorded
66A. D.M1555, Wyclifferoad” 23obscured by rushNotDied
67A. W.F718, ArthurstreetAug.3None-Recovered
68M.A.D.F3565, Kiltonstreet”461.85 sq. in,-
69E. C.F4828, Montefiorestreet”810.10 ” ”Unrecorded
70E. R.F11 m'ths33, Warrinergardens”8NotNone-Not
71W.J. D.M2661, Linfordstreet”13In infancy20.33 sq. in,
72E. R.F3966, Gonsalvaroad”1630.38 ” ”-
73H. H.M3028, Montefiore street”214about 1.82Unrecorded
74E. L.F1735, Chesneystreet” 2341.99 sq. in,Not
75T. W.M3422, ColestownstreetSep. 720.35 ” ”
76C.P.F21Do.”2240.69 ” ”
77R. B.M322. Athertonstreet”23NotNone-
78E. W.F28. Granfieldstreet” 26-
79H. B.M2822. AthertonstreetOct. 6In infancy10.90 sq. in,Not
80A. W.F38, Granfieldstreet” 9Vac. Sep. 27,18933 scabs(not previously vaccinated)Died Rash a'p'red Oct.7
81W. A.M18, Bullenstreet” 31NotNone-_Recovered
82W. C.M3916, HaferroadNot. 11----Not small pox
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