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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Small Pox Cases Admitted to the Metropolitan Asylums Board's Hospital Ships at Long Reach from Battersea, during the year 1893.

NoName,Sex.Age.Address.Dateot Admission.Statement as to PrimaryVaccination.No. ot Scars.Collective Area.Re-vaccinated.
1R. J. H.M2741,EverettstreetFeb. 19In infancy20.47 sq. in.NotRecovered
2W. H.M13Do.Mar. 6,,None,,
3J. M. H.F17Do.„ 22,,6Indistinct,,
4A. S.F60121,NorthcoteroadApr. 12Inchildhood10. 07 sq. in.,,
5G. F.F1930,Marmionroad„ 21Ininfancy, unsuc.None
6G. S.M1989,Carpenterstreet„,,
7J. S.M67122,LatchmereroadMay 5DoesnotknowNoneDied
8W. K.M4333,Candaharroad8Ininfancy40.60 sq. in.about 12 yearsagoRecovered
9B. T.M5311, Kerrisonroad,, 940.45 M„ „Not,,
10E. R.F3365,Surreylane„ 11NotvaccinatedNone-,,
11M. G.F2521,Elspethroad,, 12in,,
12C. B.M2733,Hopestreet2240.61 ,, „
13F. B.F20“ Nag'sHead”„ 2210. 28 ,, ,,,,
14E. H.M1846,Grayshottroad„ 22NotNone,,
15W. F.M4441, Falcon road„ 22Doesnotknow,,-Not,,
16t. l.m2914,Johnstreet,,22Ininfancy3 or 4Indistinct,,,,
17h. F.M3833,Candaharroad„ 2320.78 sq. in.,,,,
18IB.M2016,Churchroad„ 2341.48 ,, ,,,,,,
19E. W.F1416,Yorkroad„ 23,,41.73 ,, ,,,,,,
20E. W.F2Do.,, 23NotvaccinatedNone,,
21J. P.M2511 Canterburyplace„,,
22R. H.F8158Yorkroad,, 24NotvaccinatedNone,,
23H W.M268,Lindastreet,, 27In infancy3IndistinctNot
24H. T.M26102,Ingravestreet,,,,
25B. G.M15 weeks45 SurreylaneJune 5June 3, 1893NoneDied
26M. V.F23ReliefStation,Latchmererd,, 6Ininfancy40.68 sq. in.NotRecovered
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