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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Tableb of Population, Births, and of New Cases of Infectious Sickness coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health, during the Year 1893 IN THE Urban Sanitary District of Battersea, classifiedaccording to diseases, ages and localities.

Names of localities adopted for the purpose of these statistics. Public Institutionsbeing shown as separate localities.Population at all ages.Registered Births.Aged under5or over 5New Cases coming to knowledge of Medical Officer of Health No.of Cases removed for treatment in Isolation Hospitals.
Small Pox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.fevers.Cholera.Erysipelas.Small Pox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.fevers.
Typhus.Enteric or Typhoid.Continued.Relapsing.PuerpeTyphus.Enteric or Typhoid.Continued.Relapsing.Puerperal.Cholera.Erysipelas.
Census. 1891.Estimate to middle of1893.
East Battersea67144699492399Under 59671111829651463
5 upwards5343922041531914740187611117127
West Battersea81999889112826Under 5102288391776726I
5 upwards4156422737088176351565312931
Wandsworth & Clapham Union Infirmary, St. John's Hill615615Under 51
5 upwards1319912
Bolingbroke Hospital, Bolingbroke Grove......Under5
5 upwards3
Westminster Union Schools, St. James' Road152152Under5
5 upwards251251
Emanual Schools, Wandsworth Common232232Under 3
5 upwards21
Masonic School for Girls, Battersea Rise316316Under 5
5 upwards812
Whole Parish1504581601755225Under 5192951942731713118724
5 upwards94111245471126918422753691152148158
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