London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Particulars of deaths within the Parish in Public Institutions other than the Wandsworth and Clapham Union Infirmary.

Bolingbroke HospitalFemale 69 yearsBrain disease
Masonic SchoolFemale 10 yearsDiphtheria
Emanuel SchoolMale 42 yearsKidney disease
Bolingbroke HospitalFemale 58 yearsCancer
„ „Female 22 yearsHeart disease
„ „Female 33 yearsUrinary
„ „Female 36 yearsTabes Mesa.
„ „Male 2 yearsHydrocephalus
Emanuel SchoolMale 12 yearsDiphtheria
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Table B. This is the second table prescribed by the Local
Government Board, and contains information relative to the
population, births and notifications of infectious disease in the
several localities and public institutions within the limits of the
parish. The removal of cases of infectious disease to the
hospitals of the Metropolitan Asylum Board are included in this
The various public institutions, which are all situated in the
Western division of the parish, are here treated as separate
districts and have the census population assigned to them
respectively, while the populations outside such institutions in
the East and West Division of the parish have estimated mean
populations calculated for them, in accordance with the rate of
increase which prevailed during the last inter-censal period.

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