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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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The four deaths recorded as having occurred "elsewhere"
are here definitely located :
Male Army Clothing Stores, Pimlico.
„ Pumping Station, „
,, River Thames, near Vauxhall Pier.
Female Chelsea Basin, Chelsea.
In all five hundred and thirty-nine deaths occurred in public
institutions, and those occurring without the parish are accounted
for in Table I. The large majority were adults, as might be
One hundred and sixty-nine deaths of parishioners took
place in the Union Infirmary, situated within the parish;
two hundred and sixteen in the general and special hospitals
of the Metropolis, one hundred and twenty-two in the Metropolitan
Asylums Board Hospitals, twenty-eight in lunatic
asylums, and four " elsewhere."
Tables II and III give in tabular form the weekly returns
of the district Registrars for East and West Battersea respectively
during the year 1893. They show at a glance the incidence
of births and deaths during the various periods of the year
being for convenience of reference grouped in quarters.

The births vary but slightly in numbers from quarter to quarter. The deaths in the whole parish were as follows:

1st Quarter753
2nd „570
3rd „682
4th „796
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