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Wealdstone 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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Year. 1909. 1910. 1911. 1912 1913.
Wettest October, Deoember, Deoember, August, April,
month 4.35 4.02 4.96 5.25 3.07
Dryest February, Sept., July, April, June,
month .39 '44 .59 .05 .51
Day on which 27th july, 27th Nov., 31st May, 29th Sept., 21st Nov,
great'st am't 1.16 .70 1.42 1.42 .73
Longest dry 13 days, 14 days 23 days 31days, 16days.
period 3rd-15th 15th-28th 2nd-24th 2nd April 22nd July-
August Sept. July 2nd May. 6th Aug.
Rain fell on 207 days 207 days 151 days 211 days 188 days
Total Rain- 27.74 27.08 25.86 29 60 22.26
fall in inches
The usual tables of Statistics, and Report in connection
with the Factories and Worshops Act, 1901 ; also
tabulated reports upon sanitary work by the Inspector
for use of the County Council are appended to this
In conclusion, Gentlemen, I beg to tender you,
collectively and individually, my sincere thanks for the
courtesy and kind support you have given me throughout
the year, and also to express my grateful appreciation of
the ready and efficient help which has been afforded me
by my fellow officers upon so many occasions.
I am, Gentlemen,
Yours very faithfully,
Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone.