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Wealdstone 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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The following Table shows the number notified, and the ratio of cases sent to Hospital :—

Disease.Cases Notified.Number sent to Hospital
Scarlet Fever2917

No case of this disease was notified, and I was able
to make a similar satisfactory statement concerning this,
disease in my Reports for the two previous years.
It will be seen from the Table that of the 29 cases
certified, 17 were removed to the Isolation Hospital of
the Hendon Rural District Council under the arrangement
with that Authority for this purpose. The cases,
were well cared for in every particular, and the arrangement
has worked quite satisfactorily this year as it did
last. There were no cases associated with the return of
a previous case from Hospital.
The cases were distributed amongst 21 houses and
18 streets. 1 case occurred in 20 houses, 2 cases in 2.
houses, and 5 cases in 1 house.
The experience of other years regarding the extent to
which overlooked cases may and do give rise to outbreaks
of this disease has been repeated in the last year
—vide Annual Report 1905. The history of the cases,
show there was nothing to connect any of them with
milk infection or other source likely to spread the
disease widely. It would not be reasonable to expect
parents to be able to diagnose the disease, but it surely
is not unreasonable to expect them to recognize the commencing
symptoms of the ordinary infectious diseases,
and at once isolate the patient and call in a medical
man. Sore throat, vomiting, and feverishness are the