London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Wealdstone 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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Drainage and Sewerage.Disinfection.Dust.Sundry Nuisances Abated.
Water Closets.Percentage of Houses Provided with Water Closets.Drains.Cesspools.Percentage of Houses Draining into Sewers.
Rooms DisinfectedRooms stripped and cleansed.Articles disinfected or destroyed.New bins provided.Periodical frequency of dust removal.Number of complaints of non-removal received.Overcrowding.Smoke.Accumulation of refuse.Foul ditches, ponds, &c., and stagnant water.Foul pigs and other animals.Dampness.Other nuisances.
New, Constructed.Number of Water Closets substituted for Dry Receptacles.Repaired, Supplied with Water, or otherwise Improved.Examined, Tested, Exposed, etc.Unstopped, Repaired, Trapped, etc.Waste Pipes, Rain Water Pipes Disconnected, Repaired, etc.Soil Pipes and Drains Ventilated.Disconnecting Traps or Chambers Inserted.Reconstructed.Rendered Impervious, Emptied, Cleansed, etc.Abolished, and Drain connected to Sewer.