London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Wealdstone 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]

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[c I.] SANITARY WORK. 1906.

Inspections.Notices.Dwelling Houses.Houses let in separate dwellings or lodgingsCommon Lodging Houses.Canal Boats used as Dwellings.Movable Dwellings, Caravans, Tents, &c.Workshops and Work-places.
Number of Premises Inspected on Complaint.Number of Premises Inspected in connection with Infectious Diseases.Number of Premises under Periodical Inspection.Houses Inspected from House-to-House.Total Number of Inspections and re-inspections made.Cautionary Notices Given.Statutory Orders Issued.Summonses Served.Convictions Obtained.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, &c.Closed as Unfit for Habitation.Re-opened after Repairs, Alterations, &e.Demolished.Illegal Underground Dwellings Vacated.Number Registered under Bye-laws.Number of Contraventions.Number Registered under Bye-Laws.Number of Contraventions.Number Registered under the Acts.Number of Contravent:ons of Regulations.Number Observed during the Year.Number of Nuisances therefrom abated.Number Removed from DistrictNumber in District.Contraventions of Factory Acts.

Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector, Mr. H. Walker.