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Wealdstone 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wealdstone]


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    The following is the distribution of deaths according to age:—
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    TABLE I. Urban District of Wealdstone, formed in 1895.
    YearPopulation estimated to Middle of each year.Births.Deaths under One Year of Age.Deaths at all Ages. Total.Deaths in Public Institutions.Deaths of Nonresidents registered in District.Deaths of Residents registered beyond District.Deaths at all Ages. Nett.
    Number.Rate.1Number.Rate per 1,000 Births registered.Number.Rate.*Number.Rate.*
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    WEALDSTONE DISTRICT. Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the Year 1900.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases Notified in Whole District.No. of Casks Removed to Hospital from each Locality.
    At all Ages.At Ages +—Years.1234567
    Under i.1 to 5.5 to 1515 to 2525 to 6565 & upwards.
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    Causes of, and Ages at, Death during Year 1900.
    Causes of Death.Deaths in whole District at subjoined Ages.
    All ages.Under 1.1 and under 5.5 and un- de 1515 & un- der2525 & un- der6565 & upward
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    Sanitary Inspector's Report for the Year ending December 31st, 1900.
    Notices.Slaughter-housescow-sheds.Dairies and Milk-shops.Water Closets.Drains.disinfectionDust.Dampness.Sundry Nuisances Abated.Infant Life Protection Act.
    Cases of Infectious Disease Notified.Letters Written.Cautionary Notices given.Statutory Orders issued.Summonses Served.Convictions Obtained.Number on Register.Periodical Frequency or Number of Inspections.Contraventions of Bye-laws.No. on Register.Periodical Frequency or Number of Inspections.Contraventions of Bye-laws.No. on Register.Periodical Frequency or Number of Inspections.Contravention of Bye-laws.New Apparatus Provided.Supplied with Water, or supply rendered efficient.Examined,Tested, Exposed, &c. 12 7 3Unstopped, Repaired, Trapped,&c. 12 5 2Waste Pipes, Rain Water Pipes, &c., disconnected.Soil Pipes and Drains Ventilated. ! 3 173 11 Disconnecting Traps or Chambers Inserted.Reconstructed. 1New Laid.Rooms Fumigated.Articles Disinfected or Destroyed.Periodical Frequency of Dust Removal.Ash-bins provided.Roofs Repaired, &c.Guttering and Rain Pipes Re-pared, &c.Ventilation below floor provided.Overcrowding.1 Accumulation of Refuse.Other Nuisances.Number of Licensed Premises.Number of Children.Number of Deaths.