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Wandsworth 1921

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough]

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Report of the Medical Officer of Health.
6. No. of cases notified Puerperal Sepsis 2
(Diagnosis not confirmed in either case).
7. No. of cases in which temperature rose above 100.4
for 24 hours 5
8. No. of cases notified Ophthalmia Neonatorum 2
(Both cases recovered).
9. No. of cases of inflammation of the eye, however
slight 4
10. No. of infants not entirely breast-fed while in
tution. Cause : Insufficient breast milk 8
11. No. of Maternal deaths 2
Causes: 1 Heart failure.
2 Collapse following A.P.H. and P.P.H.
12. No. of Foetal deaths 10
(a) Still-births 8—No P.M. (Placenta Prævia 2;
Complicated Labour 2; Nothing to account for
still-birth 4).
(b) Within 10 days of birth 2 (both premature).
The cases came from all parts of the Borough; 26 from
Clapham, 18 from Putney, 99 from Balham, 34 from Streatharn,
GO from Tooting, and 95 from Wandsworth, and nine cases be
longing to other places. These nine cases were admitted when
the Home was not fully occupied, and paid the maximum fee.
The greater number of the cases were admitted, as would
have been anticipated, from those parts of the Borough nearest
the Home.
The number from Clapham was low, doubtless because of
the proximity of the old-established Maternity Home in Jeffreys
Road, Lambeth, which for many years has been utilised by residents
in that part of the Borough.