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Wandsworth 1928

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough]

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Tuberculosis Dispensaries. 55
Table XXVIII. gives further details of the work carried
out during the year.


1.Number of patients transferred from other areas and "lost sight of " cases returned39
2.Number of patients transferred to other areas and cases "lost sight of "75
3.Died during the year158
4.Number of observation cases in which period of observation exceeded 2 months42
5.Number of attendances at the dispensaries5432
6.Total number of reports, etc., made in connection with the dispensaries5505
7.Number of attendances at General Hospitals or Institutions of patients for:—
(a.) Light treatment541
(b.) Other special forms of treatment193
8.Number of patients to whom Dental Treatment was given in connection with the Dispenary44
9.Number of consultations with Medical Practitioners:—
(a.) At homes of applicants94
(b.) Otherwise1098
10.Number of other visits by Tuberculosis Officers at homes234
11.Number of visits by Health Visitors or Nurses to homes for dispensary purposes4884
12.Number of:—
(a.) Specimens of Sputum, etc., examined1970
lb.) X-ray examinations made in connection with dispensary work39
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The number of patients who received institutional treatment under the London County Council's Tuberculosis Scheme during 1928 was as follows:—

(a.) In Hospitals for observation48
(b.) In Sanatoria389
(c.) In Hospitals for Advanced Cases6
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The above figures do not include patients treated either
in private or in poor law institutions.
As in former years great difficulty was experienced in
arranging for the institutional treatment of advanced cases.

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