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Shoreditch 1879

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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a proper manner. The yards have been paved with
cement concrete. The water closets have been cleansed and
repaired, cement floors provided, and water laid on. The
sculleries have likewise been paved with cement. The water
butts removed, a constant supply of water given to the
inhabitants by a "draw-off" direct from the main, and the
interiors cleansed and repaired.
MARK'S PLAGE, HAGGERSTONE, 12 houses.—These houses
were generally in an extreme state of dilapidation. Notices
were therefore served, resulting in the transfer of the
property under covenants, by which the houses have been
very largely renovated, and fitted with improved sanitary
WARE STREET, 6 houses.—These houses were defectively
drained. The yards were unpaved. There were no dust
bins. The water closets were foul and dilapidated, and
without water supply; and water for drinking purposes was
stored in foul uncovered cisterns placed on the roofs of the
The owner being called upon to abate these nuisances,
did after much delay begin the work, but carried it on in
such a slow and desultory manner as to largely aggravate the
original nuisance. This being reported to the Vestry an
order was made by resolution to enter the premises under the
power given by the " Metropolis Local Management Acts,"
and do all necessary works, charging the owner with all
costs thereon.
The works have been successfully carried out by the
Vestry's builder; drains laid, yards paved, water closets
repaired and cleansed, and water laid on, dust bins built, and
water for drinking purposes laid on direct from the main.
No. 5, CUSTANCE STREET.—This house having been found to be
largely impregnated with sewer gas, and infested with rats,