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Shoreditch 1862

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]


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    STATEMENT AND ACCoUNT of all Mollies received and expended during the Year ending 25 th March, 1863 under the "Metropolis Local Management Act," 18 th & 10 th Victoria, capo 120o
    Cash BalancesReceipts during the YearoPayments during the YearoCash Balanceso
    RATESoMaro 25th, 1862Rates, &coContributionsoLoans, Interest and TransfersoTotalsssessments >y Metropolitan BoardWorksoEstablish- mentLoans, Interest, and TransfersContingenciesMarch 25th, 1863Totalso
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    STATEMENT AND ACCoUNT of all Arrears of Rales and other Monies owing to, and of all Debts and Liabilities following by the Vestry of Sto Leonard, Shoreditch, on the 25 th March, 1863o
    Moneys owing to the VestryoDebts & Liabilities owing by the Vestryo
    RATESoCash Balances &coUncollected Rates, &coContributions to bo receivedTotalsTradesmen, & other Bills in ContractTradesmen's Bills & other obligations not in contractPrecepts issued by the Metropolitan Board of WorksTransfer Liabilities as per ContraTotalso
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    The following rates have been made by the Vestry for the year ending March, 1863:
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    RETURN of the Sums levied or received, by or in respect of Rates levied by or under the order of the Vestry of the above Parish, under the Act 18 & 19 Victo, co 120, and the 21 & 22 Vico, co 104, and of the Expenditure thereof, for the latest period of Twelve Months, for which the Accounts of the said Vestry are made up preceding the month of June, 1863o
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    Liabilities at the close of this account:
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    Road Materials received from Contractors during the yearo
    Broken GraniteoBallastoFL1NT8o
    At per ydoCubic YardsoAt per ydoCubic YardsAt yer ydoCubic Yards
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    Contracts entered into by the Vestry for General Works & Supply of Materials, For the Year ending 25 th March , 1863o
    date of contractname of contractoroworks to be performed, or materials suppliedo
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    The following table exhibits the progress of vaccination since 1854 :
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    TABLE Io Shewing the Causes of Death, at different ages, during the year 1862o
    Deaths of Persons of the AgesoDeaths at all ages in Shoreditch WorkhouseInSto Luke's Workhouseo
    All AgesoUnder one YearoUnder Five Years5 & under 1010 to 2020 to 3040 to 60Above 60
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    Showing tho Deaths from different causes in Four Quarters of 1862, and First Quarter of 1863o
    First QuarterSecond QuarterThird QuarterFourth QuarterFirst Quarter
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    TABLE IIIo New Cases of Disease coming under treatment of the Poor-Law Surgeons, during the Year ending December, 1862o
    Small-PoxMeaslesScarlatinaHooping-CoughErysipelasPuerperal FeverDiarrhoeaCholeraContinued Fever (Typhus and Typhoid)oRheumatismSyphilisAlcholismCancerScrofulaPhthisisBrain DiseaseHeart DiseaseBronchitisPneumoniaLung DiseaseStomachDiseaseKidney DiseaseFemale DiseasesSkin DiseasesAccidentsAll Diseases
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    Meetings of the Vestry and Committeeso
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    The following are the places where Urinals are now in use: