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Shoreditch 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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For the Year ending 25th March, 1860.

date of contractname of to be performed, or materials supplied.
June 7th, 1859Independent Gas Light & Coke Company, HaggerstoneTo Light the whole of the Public Lamps in the parish, including the supply of Burners, Service Pipes, and Fittings complete, also the Painting, Repairing, and all removals required, at £4 per Lamp per annum.
» „Mr. Henry Dodd, of City Wharf, Eagle Wharf Road, HoxtonFor Scavenging and Dusting the whole of the parish, for the sum of £2800.
Mr. Henry Booth, of Kingsland Road BridgeMason's Work
Mr. Samuel Rutty, of Elder StreetPavior's Work
Mr. Henry Dodd, of City Wharf, Eagle Wharf Road, HoxtonBallast, at 3/- per cubic yard
Mr. Henry Dodd, DittoFlints, at 5/10 per cubic yard
Mr. Henry Booth, of Kingsland Road BridgeBroken Granite, at 15/5 per cubic yard
Mr.A.T.Roberts,of 2,Hackney RoadPrinting
Mr. Robert Stacy, of 170, ShoreditchStationery
Mr. Edward Coulson, of No. 8, Pump Row, Old Street RoadRepairing Pumps, for 1 year, at 21/- per Pump
Mr. Robert Pearce, of East Road, City RoadPainter's and Writer's Work
Mr. Robert Pbarce, as abovePlumber's Work
Mr. Thomas Penn, of King's Road, Hoxton TownSmith's Work
Mr. Thomas DenHam, of 57, Kingsland RoadLamp Lanthorns, Bracket Irons, &c.
Mr. C. Barningham, of Suffolk Place, Suffolk Street, BoroughLamp Posts, Columns, Gratings, &c
Mr. John Barratt, of Worship Street, Norton FolgateStreet Broom Heads
Mr. William Winn, of Curtain RoadGeneral Cartage of Materials