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Shoreditch 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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Amount of the several Rates made by the Vestry for the year ending 25th March, 1860, viz.—

Sewers Rates at 4½d. in the pound , .5040911¾
Lighting Rates 5d. ,, .. ..559919
General Rates Is. 4d. „ .. ..1791868
Total 2s. l½d.£2855816

The Vestry have also made a Rate of Three-pence half-penny in
the pound, to pay the amount of the precept issued by the Metropolitan
Board of Works of £3322 3s. 0d. being the proportion of this parish
towards the yearly expenses of the Board for the Main Drainage of the
Amount of Main Drainage Rate 3934 1 7¼
Collected and paid Treasurer 3841 17 6
Loss 92 4 1¼
An amount of £622 14s. 5d. has also been paid to the account of the
Metropolitan Board of Works upon a precept dated the 17th day of
June, 1859, being for the General Expenses of the Board for the year
ending 31st December, 1859.
The Sewers and Drainage Works that have been executed during the
year ended 25th March, 1860, under the general Contract entered into
with Messrs. M. Wood & Sons, of Mile End Road, dated the 2nd
August, 1859, for the Day & Jobbing Works, in relation to Sewers and

Drains in the parish, have amounted to the following sums :

For the Quarter ended 24th June, 185985107
„ „ 29th September, 1859737142
„ „ 25th December, 185961948
„ „ 25th March, 186060598
Total amount for the year .£281391