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Shoreditch 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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Disabilities attending
VII. No person is allowed to Emigrate under the provisions of the Emigratio???
Commissioners to a British Colony, unless it be certified by a medica???
practitioner that he has been duly Vaccinated or has had the Small-Pox
In many Public Schools and other establishments a similar rule ???
observed. The neglect of Vaccination may also in other ways interfer???
with a person's employment or advancement in life.
VIII. All persons are therefore hereby cautioned as to the penalties incurred by
neglect of Vaccination; and are earnestly exhorted to immediately tak???
all un-vaccinated children in their care, to the Surgeon appointed ???
Public Vaccinator of the District in which they reside, or to some othe???
medical practitioner for the purpose of being Vaccinated.
IX. And in order further to aid the Vestry in the prevention of Disease, it is
requested that all persons having knowledge of the outbreak of SmallPox
in any locality, or of children being un-vaccinated, or of any other
circumstances relating to these matters, will communicate the same to
the Medical Officer of Health at the Offices of the Vestry.

The following is a List of the Public Vaccinators of Shoreditch.

Name.Residence.Days and Hours of attendance.
Mr. AMSDEN1, Critchill Place, New North Road9 to 11 Daily.
Dr. BURCHELL1, Kingsland Road9 to 11 Daily.
Mr. CLARKActon Place, Kingsland Road9 to 11 Daily
Mr. COLLIERWorship Street9 to 11 Daily.
Dr. COWARD6, John's Terrace, New North Road10 to 11 Daily.
Mr. GREENWOODQueen's Road, Dalston9 to 11 Daily.

Signed by Order of the Vestry,
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.
The Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch.