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Shoreditch 1859

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch, Parish of St. Leonard]

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denied the necessity of this accommodation, and the power of the Vestry
to enforce its provision. When it is remembered that on particular
occasions people come from long distances, and that on Sundays the
usual resources for relief are closed, the inconvenience that may result
from the absence of this provision must be obvious. But I may add
that cases of severe and permanent disease, as well as of much temporary
distress have come under my observation which have arisen from this
cause. Ultimately the accommodation required was provided. I refer to
the circumstance here, because I know that in many places of worship
this matter is neglected.
Slaughter-Houses.—The powers of sanitary controul over Slaughterhouses
conferred upon the Vestry continue to work beneficially for the
public, and also for the butchers. The Vestry has memorialized the
Metropolitan Board of Works in favour of the introduction into the
Metropolis Local Management Act Amendment Bill, of a clause for
conferring similar powers over Cow-houses. A clause to this effect is in
the Bill now before Parliament.
Pump-Waters considerered as to fitness for drinking.—In consequence
of the application made to the Vestry by the Free Drinking Fountains
Association for leave to erect fountains in the Parish of Shoreditch to be
supplied from the mains of the water companies, your Committee referred
it to me to report as to the fitness for drinking of the water of the shallow
springs as drawn up by the various public pumps. I have selected two
pumps as fairly representing the quality of the water from this source.
These are, the pump opposite Shoreditch Church, and the new one
erected under the superintendence of your Surveyor in Murray Street.

The following is the result of the chemical analysis: The quantities represent grains per imperial gallon.

Church Pump.Murray Street Pump.
Organic matter7.8411.68
Mineral matter96.3297.28
Total impurities104.16108.96