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Battersea 1919

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea, Metropolitan Borough of]

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The Public Health (Influenza) Regulations, 1918, and
the Public Health (Influenza) Regulations (No. 2), 1918, which
came into force on November 25th, 1918, were rescinded by
order of the Local Government Board on May 6th, 1919.
Bacteriological Examinations.

The number of notifications of tuberculosis received during the year, arranged according to source of origin, were as follows:—

Classification.New Cases.Duplicates.Totals.
C.Poor Law Institutions214667
D.Poor Law Institutions3232
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Information was received from the Ministry of Health,
the London County Council and other sources, that four
persons had been bitten by dogs. In all cases the houses of the
persons bitten were visited for purposes of investigation and
Information was received from the Ministry of Health
that three persons, one of whom resided in the Borough of
Battersea, had been bitten by a dog suspected to be suffering
from rabies. Arrangements were made by the Medical Officer
of Health with St. Thomas' Hospital, at the request of the
Ministry, to have specific treatment carried out in this case.
In no instance was definite evidence of rabies reported.
During the year notice was received from the Ministry of
Health, and from the Medical Officer of Health of the City of
London, that imported shaving brushes, some of which had
been found to be infected with Anthrax, were traced to retail
and wholesale firms within the Borough.

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