London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Kingston upon Thames 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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Showing the work done by the Sanitary Inspector.
Abstract of Notices for the Year 1894.
Choked and defective drains 117
Defective closets and syphons 35
Defective soil pipes and ventilators 12
Defective yard, sink and bath waste traps 30
Defective water apparatus to closets 52
To provide separate cisterns for flushing
closets 20
Foul drinking water cisterns 48
To lay on water supply to houses 4
To cleanse and limewash houses 89
To cleanse and disinfect houses and cellars 52
To cleanse and limewash closets and yards 12
To cleanse urinals adjoining public thoroughfares
To screen urinals adjoining public thoroughfares
Dilapidated house roofs, floors and yards 22
Dilapidated and damp bedroom walls 20
Dilapidated manure and dust places 8
Accumulations of manure, offal, &c. 46
Pig keeping (a nuisance) 4.
Fowl keeping (a nuisance) 20
Undrained stables and yards 5
Overcrowding of houses 3
Samples of well water procured for analysis 9
Canal Boats Acts, &c.
Canal Boats and Barges inspected 27
Offences in Contravention of Canal Boats Acts Nil
Notification of Infectious Diseases Acts.
Notices served to Householders 111
Notices served to Attendance Officer 111