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Kingston upon Thames 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kingston-upon-Thames]

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facility in dealing with outbreaks of disease; and to
give the best practical working scheme for draining
the whole of the district.
There were 414 deaths in the Borough, including
1 in Surbiton Cottage Hospital, 4 in Cambridge
Asylum and 4 in Barracks. Of these 227 were
males and 187 were females. In addition there
were 41 deaths of persons in the Workhouse of
persons not belonging to Kingston. This gives a
death rate of 14.2 for the Borough. The rate
corrected for age distribution, but not for difference
of sexes, is 15.2. The zymotic death rate is 2.02.
Whether taken on its merits or in comparison
with the other divisions of the district, this is a very
good result, for it implies an average age at death of
over 70 ; but some allowance must be made for
deaths occurring away from the Borough, such as
lunatic asylums, prisons, &c., which will raise the
rate slightly.
Taking 1893 and 1894 together, the death rate
is 16.05, which would give an average age at death
of 62.
The death rate for Surbiton works out at 11.6.
This is of course an impossible death rate over a
series of years, as it means that the average age at
death should be 86, which, allowing for the numbers
dying young, would imply the presence in that
suburb of two or three hundred centenarians, of
whose presence there is no evidence. When
corrected for age distribution the rate is 12.89 per
Five cases of uncertified death are recorded,
viz., 1 HÅ“morrhage, 3 Heart Disease, 1 Premature