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Sutton 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Sutton]

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Cancer and Malignant Diseases.—Eleven deaths;
rate, 0.55; average rate previous ten years, 0.86.
Diseases of Respiratory System, excluding
Phthisis.—Twenty-six deaths, of which ten were due
to pneumonia; rate, 1.3; average rate previous ten
years, 1.4.

Death-rate from various causes per 20,000 persons living in 1910, and in the three previous ten-year periods.

Period.Phthisis.Diseases of the Respiratory System, 1 excluding Phthisis.Other Tubercular Diseases.Influenza.Erysipelas.Puerperal Fever.Cancer.
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Milk Supply.—The greater portion of the supply
comes from outside the district, the average number of
milch cows examined quarterly by the Council's
veterinary surgeon being only 123.
There were six cowkeepers with grazing land
attached, and one cowkeeper without.
Improvements in ventilation, lighting, and drainage
have been carried out at some farms, and is in hand
at another. Some of the cowkeepers keep their cows
well groomed; others leave much to be desired. The
milk-shops have been well kept, and the milk always
protected against dust and flies.
During the past year outbreaks of infectious disease
due to milk have been reported by Medical Officers
of Health in other districts. The risk of drinking
unboiled milk is therefore considerable.
The Council's Veterinary Surgeon, Mr. Vincent, in
his quarterly reports, stated that he had found no
instance of tuberculosis of the udder in the milch cows
of the district.

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