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Barnes 1907

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]


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    In the subjoined table the yearly increases in the number of inhabited houses since the last Census are set forth.
    Date of Computation.Number of Inhabited Houses.
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    1.- INSPECTION. Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors or Inspectors of Nuisances.
    Premises.Number of
    Inspections.Written NoticesProsecutions.
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    Particulars.Number of Defects.Number of Prosecutions.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector
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    Lists received from Employers.Numbers or Addresses of Outworkers received from other Councils.Numbers of Addresses of Outworkers forwarded to other Councils
    Twice in the year.Once in the year.
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    Workshops on the Register (S. 131) at the end of the year.Number.
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    SECTION 107.Number of Inspections of Outworkers' premises.OUTWORK IN UNWHOLESOME PREMISES (SEC. 108).OUTWORK IN INFECTED PREMISES (SECS. 109, 110).
    Prosecutions.Instances.Notices served.Prosecutions.Instances.Orders made (S. 110).Prosecutions (Sections 109, 110).
    Failing to keep or permit inspection of lists.Failing to send lists.
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    TABLE I. Vital Statistics of whole District during 1907 and previous Years. Name of District—Barnes Urban.
    Year.Population estimated to Middle of each Deaths Registered in the District.Total Deaths is Public Institutions in the District,Deaths of NonResidents registered in Public Institutions in the District.Deaths of Residents registered in Public Institutions beyond the District.Nett Deaths at all Ages belonging to the District.
    Number.Rate.*Under 1 year of age.At all Ages.
    Number.Rate per 1,000 Births Registered.Number.Rate.*Number.Rate.*
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    TABLE II. Vital Statistics of separate Localities in 1907 and previous years. Name of District—Barnes Urban.
    Names of localities.1. WHOLE DISTRIC.2. BARNES (parish).3. MORTLAKE (parish).
    YearPopulation estimated to middle of each year.Births Registered.Deaths at all agesDeaths under 1 yearPopulation estimated to middle of each year.Births Registered.Deaths at all agesDeaths under 1 yearPopulation estimated to middle of each year.Births Registered.Deaths at all agesDeaths under 1 year
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    TABLE III. Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the year 1907.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases Notified in Whole District.Total Cases Notified in each locality.Number of Cases removed to Hospitals from each locality.
    At all ages.At ages—Years.1212
    Under 1.1 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 65.65 and upw'ds.Barnes.Mortlake.Barnes.Mortlake
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    TABLE IV. Causes of, and Ages at, Death during year 1907.
    Causes of Death.Deaths at the subjoined ages of "Residents" whether occurring in or beyond the District.Deaths at all ages of "Residents" belonging to Localities, whether occurring in or beyond the District.Total Deaths whether of Residents or Nonresidents in Public Institutions in the District.
    All AgesUnder 1 year.1 and Under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 6565 and upwards.Barnes.Mortlake.
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    TABLE V. Infantile Mortality during the Year 1907. Deaths from stated causes in Weeks and Months under 1 Year of Age.
    Causes of Death.Under 1 week1-2 week2-3 week3-4 weekTotal 1 Month.1-2 week2-3 week3-4 week4-5 week5-6 week6-7 week7-8 week8-9 week9-10 week10-11 week11-12 weekTotal Deths undert 1 year.
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    TABLE Showing the number of cases of Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria and Enteric Fever, notified since 1895, with the estimated population the number of cases annually per 1,000 estimated population and the means for the periods 1896-1900 and 1901-1905.
    Year.Estimated Population.Cases Notified.Cases per 1.000 estimated Population.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Enteric Fever.Totals.
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    TABLE Showing the Case Mortality at the Isolation Hospital, Mortlake, since January 1st, 1901, for certain diseases.
    Admissions.Deaths.Mortality per cent.Admissions.Deaths.Mortality per cent.
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    TABLE Work done by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1907, having relation to the Housing of the Working Classes.
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    TABLE Showing the number of certain places under the Council's supervision, and the visits made to them by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1907.
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    TABLE Work done by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1907 with relation to infectious diseases.
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    TABLE Showing the work done by the Sanitary Inspectors during 1907 with regard to places under the Factory and Workshops Act, 1901
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    TABLE Showing the number and kind of general nuisances discovered and remedied during 1907.
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    TABLE Showing the general work done in the Sanitary Department during 1907, and in the four preceding years.
    Nature of Work Done.19031904190519061907
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    TABLE Showing the Proceedings taken during 1907, under the Food and Drugs Act, by the County Inspector, Mr. Houghton.
    Articles Purchased.Samples taken.Found Genuine.Slightly Adulterated, etc.Cases in which proceedings taken.Convictions obtained.Fines Inflicted.
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    Return for the period January to December 31 st, 1906.
    Registration Sub-District Comprised in the Vaccination Officer's District.No. of Births returned in the Birth List Sheets as registered.Number of these Births duly entered by 31st January, 1908, in Cols 1. 2,4. & 5 of the Vaccination Register (Birth List Sheets), viz.:Number of these Births which on 31st Jan., 1908 remain unentered in the Vaccination Register on account (as shown by Report book) ofNumber of these Births remaining on 31st Jan., 1908, neither duly entered in the Vaccination Register (Cols. 3, 4. 5, 1, ft 7 of this return) nor temporarily accounted for in the Report Book (Cols 8, 29, & 10 of this Return)Number of Certificates of Conscientious Objection actually received by the Vaccination Officer irrespective of the dates of Births of the Children to which they relate during the year 1907.Total number of Certificates of successful Primary Vaccination at all ages received during the calendar year 1907.
    COL. 1.Column 2.Col. 4.Col. 5.Postponement by Medical CertificateRemoval to Districts the Vaccination Officer of which has been duly apprised.Removal to place unknown or which cannot be reache. and cases not having been found.
    Successfully Vaccinated.Insusceptible of Vaccination.Had Small Pox.Number in respect of whom Certificates of Conscientious Objection have been received.Dead unvaccinated.