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Bromley 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley Borough]

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The number of cases notified was 78. The number of cases
removed to the Isolation Hospital was as follows:-
Scarlet fever 27
Diphtheria 9
Enteric 2
Erysipelas 1
The remainder were isolated at their own homes, except
three, which were notified when already inmates of other
When necessary, the bedding, etc., is disinfected in the
Council's steam apparatus (Washington Lyon's patent).
No. of rooms disinfected 104
Beds and other articles disinfected (by steam) 374
Beds destroyed by fire 2
The following is useful to show the effect of disinfection,
and other precautions, as well as the sporadic character of the
No. of cases 78
Different houses invaded 68
Different streets invaded 57
In only 10 houses did more than one case occur, which is
due in instances, to two cases being notified from one house
simultaneously, or following quickly, and being evidently contracted
before the first case was discovered.

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