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Walthamstow 1909

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The Out Workers' Premises were mainly supervised by the Lady
Inspector, and the defects found or nuisances discovered were
remedied under Mr. West's supervision.
Sections 2, 3, 7 and 8 of the Act, dealing with cleanliness of premises,
overcrowding, ventilation, and dryness of floors in connection with
laundries, etc., have received special attention, and any defects found
were remedied without resort to legal pressure.
The instances of overcrowding, in two workrooms, were of a trivial
Factories.—The only duty imposed in reference to these has been
carried out, and in the early portion of the year every factory was visited
to ensure that the standard for w.c. accommodation for the sexes laid
down by the Home Office was maintained.
Workshops.—These are systematically visited. Those sheltering
women workers are dealt with by the Woman Inspector, and five
workshops were reported for failure to affix Abstract of the principal
Workplaces.—Under this heading are grouped laundries, bakehouses,
homeworkers' premises, coffee and eating houses, fishmongers,
ice cream makers' premises, cab proprietors' yards, etc., and are mainly
supervised by the Sanitary Inspectors.
Laundries and Bakehouses.—There are now 10G of these
premises, and they have been regularly visited during the year. Five
of the laundries were partially or entirely cleansed, and in others some
minor defects were found and remedied, including paving and drainage,
Bakehouses.—Visits are systematically made to these and the
Regulations, ensuring cleanliness and wholesome conditions, carried out-
In Mr. West's report will be found an account of the action taken by
him, and the alterations and improvements secured from time to time.
The six underground bakehouses have been kept up to the standard
adopted in 1902.
Outworkers' Premises.—These are well supervised, and
generally cause but little trouble. Outworkers so often change their
addresses, and employers failing to notify these in the lists sent, many
futile visits are in consequence made.