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Walthamstow 1909

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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There is no reason to assume that the age constitution differs from
that prevailing in 1901, and we have therefore a proportionately smaller
number of persons over 45 years of age than the country generally.
It will be noticed that the death-rate of persons above 45 is much
greater than in any of the other age groups, except that under 5, and
doubtless this unequal age distribution in our population slightly
favours our death-rate.
The character of our population, too, changes but little—as in 1901
so it is in 1909.
The following Summary of the Sanitary and other
data of importance are given for easy reference :—


Population.Rateable Value.General District Rate,Poor Rate,Education Rate,
£.per £.per £.per£.
1881 Census21,69797,1113/42/50/2
1891 „46,346156,9592/91/9½14¾
1904 Estimated111,282404,1013/21/10¾2/4½
1905 „116,300423,2413/102/42/7
1906 „121,334426,7034/13/91/8
1907 „126,397431,9374/13/91/8
1908 „131,486437,1274/13/41/9
1909 „136,602444,5824/13/52/0

The population was estimated to be 4,780 in 1851, 6,880 in 1861, and enumerated as 10,692 in 1871.

Average for previous 10 years.
Total Births registered, 19093,3693,378
,, Deaths ,, „1,2051,282
Number of deaths of persons not belonging to this district1111
Natural increase of population2,1642,096
Birth-rate per 1,000 estimated population24.6631.42
Death-rate corrected for age and sex9.312.6
Zymotic Death-rate.982.16
Infantile Mortality Rate83.4128
Infectious Sickness Rate5.99.7
Number of persons per house5.9
„ „ „ acre (exclusive of Sewage Farm and Reservoirs) or Density of Population35