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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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At no time of the year was this disease prevalent. Seven deaths were
certified as due to it, 4 of these being in persons over 65 years and
1 under 1 year.
The disease was usually accompanied with some other, as Bronchitis
or Pneumonia.
To no other disease is attributed so many symptoms by the public,
and many of the cases of Small Pox in their initial symptoms were
attributed to Influenza.
Personally, I have seen very few cases of Influenza since the
epidemic years, but that it is ever present may be judged by the death
The only protective measures in your power are embraced in those
which tend to improve the general health conditions of the people.
The disease being highly infective, the sick should be isolated and
protected from cold.
Ten notifications were received during the year of women suffering
from this disease, and 7 deaths were registered from " Accidents and
Diseases of Parturition."
Unlike other years the deaths are fewer than the notifications and
show that medical practitioners are more willing than heretofore to
notify as Puerperal Fever "all septic inflammation in the pelvis
occurring as the direct result of Child-birth."
Enquiries are made in every case and the nurse in attendance warned
as to the precautions to be taken by her for disinfection of self and
clothing and for her future conduct.
Ten cases of Puerperal Fever in 3,649 confinements, or 1 in 365, is
very satisfactory, taking into consideration the character of the population,
and if Puerperal Fever be looked on as the expression of bad air,
dirt and overcrowding, an attack rate of less than .3 per 1,000 speaks
well for the district, and the death-rate of .06 per 1,000 of the population
is lower than that of the country generally.
All the cases, except two, were attended throughout the illness by a
medical practitioner. It remains to be seen if the operation of the
" Midwife's Act" will better the existing state of things.

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