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Walthamstow 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The Registrar-General has compiled the following table, and I have added the figures for Walthamstow, that you may see at a glance our position.

District.Annual rate per looo living.Infant Mortality rate. Annual death rate of Infants under one year per 1000 births.
Births.Deaths from all diseases.Deaths from the seven Chief Epidemic diseases.
England and Wales27.916-21-94146
Rural England and Wales26.815-31-28125
"76 Great Towns"29.117-22-49160
"142 Smaller Towns"27.515-62-02154
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Judged by these figures and those published by "Public Health"
February, 1905, your district may be said to be one of the healthiest
and best administered in the Metropolitan area.
Our Birth-rate is 5 per 1000 greater, our death-rate is 3'5 and
our Infant Mortality rate is 10 per 100U less than the country as a
Compared with the "76 Great Towns," our Zymotic Mortality rate,
though favourable, is in my opinion too high, and is capable of
In the body of the Report I have dealt with this, and I trust some
measures will be adopted in the direction indicated.
The Report furnished by Mr. West, the chief of the Sanitary Staff,
shows a record of the good work accomplished, and without him and
his staff any advice or action on my part would lose much of its usefulness.
At all times and upon every occasion I could rely upon the
advice given being acted upon and wishes expressed carried out.
As with Mr. West, so it has been with the chiefs of other Departments.
Recognising my position as that of Chief Medical Adviser
responsible to you for the Public Health in your District, while not
assuming the control of any, I have presumed that all Departments in
your service are at my disposal in carrying out the work entrusted to me.
In this conception of my position I have had every assistance given,
and my relations with all your principal officers have been most cordial.

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