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Walthamstow 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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In this table the numbers of deaths at the different age-groups are not
the actual but the theoretical deaths that should have taken place in
this district. The total is 1,569, compared with the actual number,
From these figures is found the standard death rate, 16.49, and the
factor for correction, 1.07.
Multiplying the recorded death-rate, 11.08, for the year 1903 by this
factor, a death-rate corrected for age and sex distribution is found,
namely, 11.89 per 1,000, or a rate of 5.8 below that of England and
Wales in 1896.1900, and 3.5 in 1903.
One death was registered for every 90.2 persons of the population
compared with 1 in 87'8 in 1902, and 1 in 75 for 1901.
The ratio of male to female deaths was 100 to 113.4.

The deaths registered during the year and the death-rates for the Wards were as follows :—

St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Northern.Total.
No. of deaths, 19032852342291892411,178
Rate per 1,000 of es-timated population12.0811.710.211.4510.2511.08
Birth-rate, 190331.639.129.2427.4538.133.25
No. of deaths, 19022932282241832341,162
Rate per 1,000 of es. timated population12.7411.4010.211.3111.7011.38
Birth-rate, 190233.2236.6529.453039.5533.81
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The death-rates for the different Wards are practically the same as in
1902. Hoe Street has the same rate as last year. The Northern Ward
appears to be 1.4 and the James Street .6 lower than in 1902, while
High Street has .3 and Wood Street .1 higher than the previous year's
The improved death-rates in the St. James Street and Northern Wards
may be taken as real, and not due to over estimation of population.

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