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Walthamstow 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Of this total 135 were genuine, and 8 not in accordance with the law.

Proceedings were taken against 7 vendors for various breaches of the Acts, with results as follows:—

No. Article.Offence charged.Result.
4 Coffee.Mixture of 35 per cent, chicoryWithdrawn, owing to informality.
16 „,, 65 „ ,,Summons dismissed.
18 „,, 70 ,, ,,2s. 6d. and costs.
33 Butter.Margarine unlabelled£2 10s. and costs.
84 Milk.9 per cent, added waterDismissed, warranty proved.
115 „20 „ ,,£5 and costs.
129 Butter.Margarine unlabelled and containing more than 10 per cent, of butter.£2 and costs.
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Ornamental Waters.—The removal of offensive deposit from the
lake at Highams Park, referred to in last year's Report, has undoubtedly
much improved the condition of the water; but at the time of the fall of
the leaves this year—1902—complaints again arose as to smell. At one
of my visits a very distinct and unpleasant smell was perceptible, but it
subsequently ceased, and I have not perceived it since. The same
trouble arose in connection with the ornamental waters in Lloyd
Park, which contained the remains of several years' leaf-fall from the
surrounding trees. The smell at last became so bad as to prevent many
people from visiting the Park, and necessitated the emptying of the lake
and the removal of the deposit from the bottom. As we know that
nothing in the shape of sewage enters the lake in the Council's own
waters, it is clear that the trouble entirely arises from vegetable accumulations,
and if care is taken at the fall of the leaf to prevent them
sinking, no serious trouble need arise in the future.
Offal Removal.—The nuisance arising in the removal of fish offal
every summer evening when the main streets are crowded has still
continued, but as a result of renewed application to the Local Government
Board, that Board has intimated its readiness to consent to a
bye-law casting upon the person removing any such offal, the duty of
conveying in receptacles of such a form and method of construction, as
shall prevent the omission of effluvium therefrom, or shall effectually
deodorise the material contained in them. If formal consent can be
obtained to the bye-law in its final form before the hot weather returns,
it will tend to remove what has been a source of an immense amount of
trouble to your officers for many years.

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