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Walthamstow 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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In 1901 the population was thus distributed, as given by the Registrar


In occupation.Not in occupation.
St. James Street3,748411481011,39111,37322,764
High Street3,0863896409,8119,68719,498
Hoe Street3,80834242599,97511,12421,099
Wood Street2,54029147627,3817,82715,208
Totals16,0831521,099 42546,83248,289 95,121
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During the year under review, 1902, plans for houses to the following
extent were passed, necessitating the laying out of 22 new streets :—
St. James St. High St. Hoe St. Wood St. Northern Ward Total.
66 38 252 124 706 1,186
Assuming that half of these houses were completed at the mid-year,
we form the following Table II. :—


Ward.Houses fit for Occupation.Uninhabited (Census 1901.)Occupied Mid-Year.Average Number per house.Population.
James Street3,9801 in 213,7906022,740
High Street3,2791 in 243,1426319,794
Hoe Street4,2691 in 153.9855'521,917
Wood Street2,8401 in 152,6526.015,912
Northern3,9841 in 73,6525.720.816
1 in 12
18,3521 in 17'417,2215.9101,179
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The number of houses occupied is arrived at by assuming the same
proportion is empty in the various wards, as at the Census of 1901,
excepting the Northern Ward, which I assume to have 1 empty in 12 ;
whereas at the Census, 1 in 7 was empty.

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