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Walthamstow 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Local Authority, twice yearly (on or before 1st February and 1st August)
a list of those so employed.
Sixty-nine such lists were received during the year, representing 64
employers, nine contractors or middlemen and 288 out-workers.
In every case where dangerous infectious disease showed itself in any
premises where home work was carried on, the employer was notified
immediately, no further work was taken in until the premises were
disinfected, and any articles of clothing already made up or about to be
made were disinfected. Fifteen cases of infectious illness occurred in
domestic workshops during the year. In one factory, clothing that was
supposed to have been in contact with a Small-Pox patient, was
disinfected before removal.
One notice was received from H. M. Inspector of Factories of the
dirty condition of a workshop, and this was cleaned.
Separate W.C. accommodation for the sexes was provided for, in one
instance where it did not already exist.
The following requirements are needed for the
sanitary equipment of your district:—
1. Further Isolation Hospital accommodation.
2. Separate ambulances for Scarlatina and Diphtheria patients.
3. Separate vans for the removal of infected and disinfected articles-
4. More adequate provision for the disposal of sewage.
5. Refuse Destructor.
6. More public conveniences as in James' Street and Selborne Road.
A Coroner's court and the public convenience in James Street were
provided during the year.
Local Government Board Forms:—
Table I.
Table II.
Table III.
Table IV.
Chart showing Birth, Death and Zymotic Death Rates.

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