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Walthamstow 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The deaths registered during the year and death-rates for the Wards were as follows. The birth-rates are also given as well as those for last year:—

St. James Street.High Street.Hoe Street.Wood Street.Northern.Total.
No. of Deaths, 1902...2932282241832341162
Rate per 1,000 of es.12.7411.410.211.3111.711.38
timated population
Birth.rate, 190233.2236.6529.4530.039.5533.81
No. of Deaths, 1901. 34925524718725812.96
Rate per 1,000 of es.15.0312.8211.512.0515.2713.35
timated population
Birth.rate, 1901330335.727.928.4339.8633.1
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It will be seen that St. James Street and Wood Street Wards' death
rates are considerably lower than last year, although they have
practically the same birth rates as before. High birth rate is a considerable
factor in a death rate, and the low death rate in these wards is
mainly due to the wet summer and absence of Diarrhoea. In every
Ward there is a considerable improvement in the death rates recorded
compared with last year, when such rates were made out for the first
That the improvement in the death rate for St. James Street Ward is
actual and not due to over estimation of the population, can readily be
seen when we remember that compared with 1901, when the census
returns were issued, the population is assumed to have increased only
236 to the middle of 1902. It is evident this vastly improved rate has
actually occurred and is not due to overestimation of population.
There were 86 inquests held during the year as compared with 105
held in 1901, 90 in 1900, 83 in 1899, and 62 in 1898.
The deaths requiring investigation by the Coroner were 7.4 per cent.
of the total deaths, and the results were as follows :—
34 died from Natural causes.
5 „ Suffocation through overlying.
1 ,, Accidental suffocation.
1 ,, Suffocating spasm of larynx.
1 „ Accidental suffocation in bed.

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