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Twickenham 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Twickenham]

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1 Asphyxia, suffocation in bed.
1 Crushed by a cab.
1 Run over by a bus. ,
3 Drowning.
1 Morphia poisoning.
1 Shock from burns.
1 Want of proper attendance at birth.
1 Heart disease.
2 Suicidal, from being run over by trains.
Mortuary.—Seven bodies were removed to the mortuary during the year. The
following are the alterations and improvements that have been carried out: A new slate
slab for performing post mortem examinations, the previous one refixed against one wall
of the building, a new sink and washhand basin provided, the match-boarding of the
ceiling reinstated, two of the windows made to open, a gas stove and an extra cupboard
provided, and also a hose connected with the main water pipe for washing and flushingpurposes.
Cottage Hospital.—Twenty cases of Scarlet Fever have been admitted into
the Cottage-Hospital during the year as against 23 admitted in 1896. Nineteen of these
have been discharged cured, and one remained under treatment at the beginning of the
year. The Hospital has been furnished by the order of the Health Committee, with a
Mangle and Wringing Machine. The Ambulance has also been repaired, painted, and
The Nursing Staff have satisiactorily carried out their duties.
Infectious Disease Notification Acr.—Of the diseases in this Act, 77 cases
have been notified.

Subjoined is a table of the scheduled notifiable diseases, with the number of cases occurring in each year since the adoption of the Act in 1890.

Small Pox00011000
Scarlet Fever3444284?187593843
Diphtheria & Membranous Croup2022214528312527
Typhus Fever00000000
Enteric or Typhoid Fever1112129137812
Continued Fever02000040
Eelapsing Fever00000000
Puerperal Fever44233432
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