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Twickenham 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Twickenham]

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Cottage Hospital.—Twenty-three cases of Scarlet Fever have been
admitted into the Cottage Hospital, against 16 admitted in 1895;19 of these have
been discharged cured, and four remained under treatment at the beginning of this
The following parts of the Hospital have been painted and whitewashed:
kitchen, bathroom, Nurse's sitting room, one ward, the two lavatories and the whole
of the exterior of the building and outhouses.
Tar paving has been laid under the swing, and at the whole of the back
of the Hospital. A new mangle and wringing machine has been ordered. New
uniforms, etc., supplied to both Nurses. Parcels of books for the use of the patients
have been kindly sent by the Rev. E. H. Brown, of the Green, and Mrs. West, of
Amyand Park Road.
Infectious Disease Notification Act.—Of the diseases in this Act 109
cases have been notified.

The subjoined table of the scheduled notifiable diseases, with the number of cases occurring in each year since the adoption of the Act in 1890, will be of interest.

Small Pox0011000
Scarlet Fever442843187593843
Diphtheria & Membranous Croup22214528312527
Typhus Fever0000000
Enteric or Typhoid Fever12129137812
Continued Fever2000040
Relapsing Fever0000000
Puerperal Fever4233432
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Water Analysis.—Thirteen specimens of well water have been analysed
by me, with the result that ten were found to be good and fit for drinking purposes,
and three bad and unfit. In two cases the Company's water has been laid on and
the wells closed, and in the other, that of the pump on the Green, the well has been
closed. Frequent analyses of the Company's water have also been made and have
always proved satisfactory. The reports of the analysis of the Public Analysts,
submitted to me every month, have always shown the water of the Grand Junction
Water Works to be of excellent quality, proving the excellence of the Company's
filtering and storage appliances.

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