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Twickenham 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Twickenham]

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The number of deaths in 1895 was 235, average rate 13*8 per 1,000.
1894 „ 207, „ 12.1
1893 „ 230, „ 13.6
1892 „ 250, „ 15.2
The deaths of persons of 65 years of age and upwards numbered 44, or
21.67 per cent. of the total number of deaths. The deaths of children under five
years of age numbered 79, or 38.91 per cent. of the total number of deaths.
There were five uncertified deaths. The causes of death, independent of
those included in the six principal Zymotic Diseases, and as recorded in the table in
the text of this Report, are 15 from Phthisis, 22 from Bronchitis, Pneumonia, or
Pleurisy, 13 from Heart Disease, three from Puerperal Fever, four from Diarrhoea,
four from Injuries, and 130 from all other causes.
The total number of Births for 1896 was 455 ; 214 males, 241 females,
which is at the average rate of 25.27 per 1,000.
The Total number of Births for 1895 was 456.
1894 „ 486.
1893 „ 468.
1892 „ 406.

Subjoined is a Table of the Mortality from the six principal diseases of the Zymotic class occurring in the last 10 years.

Small Pox0000000000
Scarlet Fever0004212310
Whooping Cough604101711273
Enteric Fever1013012102
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In addition to the above table there have been 4 deaths from Diarrhaea (3
of infants under 5 years of age, and one of a person upwards of 65 years of age),
and 3 from Puerperal Fever.
A few remarks are necessary upon some of the above diseases.
Measles.—Owing to an outbreak of Measles at Whitton in the month of
March, a considerable number of children attending the schools in that district
being afflicted, I recommended to the Managers the advisability of closing the
Schools. This was done, and they remained so until after the Easter holidays, a

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