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Teddington 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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1,, Other Respiratory Diseases.
6from Alcoholism and Cirrhosis of the Liver.
9,, Premature Birth.
1,, Parturition.
23,, Heart Disease.
6,, Accidents.
2,, Suicide.
12,, Old Age.
42„ Various Causes.
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Of this total 87 were Males and 87 were Females.
43 were under 1 year of age, and 45 were over
65 years of age.
From this number of registered deaths we
have to deduct 4, as four people who died were
non-residents and they had no connection with
this district.
This brings the number of deaths to 170.
The population of the district was according to
the last census 14037 but it has considerably
increased since 1901 and is now probably over
15000. Taking this figure as approximately
correct, the mortality from all causes is at the
annual rate of 1T33 per 1000 persons living.
The number of births was 419, of which 206
were males and 213 females. The birth-rate was
27.90 and the infant mortality 102 per 1000 births.
Comparing these figures with the averages of
the last 10 years, we find that the death-rate of
1903 is 1.43 lower, that the infant mortality is 43
lower and that the birth-rate is 2.93 higher.

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