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Teddington 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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Feb. 718 daysAccidental suffocation in bed.
April 335 yearsAneurism of Aorta natural causes.
April 621 daysAsphyxia caused accidentally.
April 2945 yearsSyncope from heart disease accelerated by a heavy meal.
June 433 yearsSuffocation from a clot of blood in the heart
June 64 yearsShock and hœmorrhage from rupture of the liver, caused by being accidentally knocked over by horse and van.
July 2637 yearsSyncope, fatty heart.
Aug. 1111 weeksImproper feeding.
Sept. 747 yearsHung himself while of unsound mind.
Sept. 1550 yearsSyncope, fatty heart.
Sept. 1740 yearsDid hang himself while of unsound mind.
Sept. 2665 yearsFractured neck from accidental fall.
Sept. 265½ monthsPerforating ulcer of the stomach.
Oct. 312 yearsAccidentally run over by tramcar.
Nov. 2112 yearsClot of blood on the heart.
Dec. 364 yearsSyncope from heart failure.
Dec. 2265 yearsSyncope from chronic bronchitis.
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