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Teddington 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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TABLE I. For Whole District.

Year.Population estimated to Middle of each year.Births.Deaths under One Year of Age.Deaths at all Ages.Total Deaths in Public Institutions.Deaths Nonresidents registered in District.Deaths of Residents registered beyond District.Deaths at all Ages. Nett.
Number.Rate*Number.Rate per 1,000 Births registered.Number.Rate*Number.Rate*
189210,52529327 90258514013.3314013.33
189411,00029827 094113714012.72213812.55
Average for years 1892-1901.12,57630424.642.314015712.62.415612.5
* Rates calculated per 1,000 of estimated population.
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Note.—The deaths to be included in Column 7 of this table are the whole of those registered during the year as having actually occurred
within the district or division. The deaths to be included in Column 12 are the number in Column 7, corrected by the subtraction of the
number in Column 10 and the addition of the number in Column 11.
By the term "Non-residents" is meant persons brought into the district on account of sickness or infirmity, and dying in public institutions
there; and by the term "Residents" is meant persons who have been taken out of the district on account of sickness or infirmity, and
have died elsewhere.
Area of District in Acres (exclusive of area covered by water) 1,214
Total population at all ages (at Census of 1901) 14,037
Number of inhabited houses (at Census of 1901) 2,754
Average number of persons per house ,, 5.09

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