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Teddington 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Teddington]

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As in the case of Scarlatina, Diphtheria never appeared in an epidemic form.3:03 PM 4/18/2013 increased during the last few years, as proved by the following figures

1890 2 cases65 cases
1891 2 „20 „
1892 4 „21 „
1893 14 „170 (Scarlatiua Epidemic)
1894 12 „41 cases
1895 22 „30 „
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I can only hope that the new anti-toxin treatment
of diphtheria will greatly reduce the
mortality. To judge from my own experience and
that of my colleagues the results of that treatment
have been very encouraging.
Membranous Croup.—Two cases were notified,
one ended fatally.
Puerperal Fever.—Four cases were notified.
One case must have been of a doubtful character,
as the woman who was on a visit in Teddington
was able to travel home 9 days after her premature
confinement, but in this case, as well as in the
other 3, the nurses or mid-wifes were advised not
to attend any case for two months. Two cases
proved fatal.
Typhoid Fever.—The only case notified was
of a very mild type, as the patient was able to
leave his home before three weeks had elapsed.
No sanitary defects were found in the house,
and as the patient was staying very often away
from home before his illness, it is very probable
that his opinion of having contracted the disease
out of the district was correct.
Special inspections in connection with infectious
diseases, unsanitary localities and houses, bad
roads, etc., were made at various times. A
systematic inspection of the district was made in

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