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Surbiton 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Surbiton]

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Visits have been paid from time to time as occasion required, and the following nuisances have been detected and abated :—

Defective drains repaired1
Defective floors repaired Defective pans in w.c. removed and new1
ones fixed2
Defective w.c. flushing cisterns repaired2
Workshops cleansed1
Workshops ventilated1

In no case has complaint of a nuisance been
received from the Factory Inspector.
The bake-houses in the District have been
inspected twice during the year and found to be
clean and well kept. In no case has it been
necessary to serve a notice for any bakehouse to be
cleansed and whitewashed.
There are six registered slaughter-houses in the
District; these have been regularly visited and found
to be kept in a clean and satisfactory condition.
The quarterly limewashing, as required by the
Bye-laws, has on all occasions been carried out by
the occupiers on receipt of verbal notice.
The floor of one slaughter-house was found to be
defective, but was at once remedied on the occupier's
attention being called to its condition.