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Southall-Norwood 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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Estimated Population for middle of Year 1902—12680.
In estimating the Population and for the statistical purposes of
this Report the inmates of the St. Marylebone Schools are included
in the Population of the District, whilst those of the London County
Asylum (Norwood) are entirely excluded, being dealt with in the
Supplementary Tables as a separate District.
The corrected increase in population in the inter-census period
1891-1901* was 4,506 persons : giving an average yearly increase of
450: the population to the middle of 1901 was 10,477. Therefore
10,477 + 450=10,927 which gives the population to the end of the
first quarter of 1902. In calculating the birth and death rates the
basis is the estimated population for the middle of the year which
represents the average number of persons living in that year. Since
the Census is taken at the end of the first quarter of the year, it is
necessary to add one fourth of the yearly increase to the total already
obtained thus—10477 + 450+112 = 11.039 is the estimated population.
This method is sufficiently accurate in the case of a slowly
increasing population.
Another method of estimating the population is the formula :—
Registered Births in the Year x 1000.=
Average Birth Rate for previous 10 years :
465 x 1000, =14,090 population.
I consider the first estimate too low and the second too high.
In the case of your District which has undergone an abnormal
increase since the Census, a more accurate estimate is to be arrived
at by taking into account the number of inhabited houses as shown
by the rate book and multiplying these figures by the average number
of inmates in each.

The total number of houses on the Rate Book is 2,536,, allowing 5 persons as the average number of inmates in each house† the total population is 12680.6,690 West Ward; 5,990 East Ward.

Census 1891.Census 1901.West.East.Estimated 1902.
Southall- Norwood51889953533745161268066905990
St. Marylebone Schools .335412412
London County Asylum20372835283528352835

*See Annual Report for 1901.
†Census Return gives 6.91.