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Southall-Norwood 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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The area of the District is about 2,564 Statute Acres; 2,515 of
land; and 49 acres of water.
Including the inmates of the Asylum, and St. Marylebone
Schools, the density of population is 4 persons per acre.
The number of persons per house averages 5.3.
The number of inhabited houses per acre is 1.7.
Birth Rate, 321 per 1,000.
The total number of births registered during 1897, was 254. 142
being males and 112 females. Still births not registered, 8.
This is the largest number of births that has been registered for
the past ten years.
It is a remarkable fact that in all countries there are more male
than female children born (the proportion is about 103—105 males to
100 females) but this disproportion begins to be reduced at the point
of birth, since more male children are still born than females (in the
proportion of about 14 to 10), and even in the first year of life the
liability to disease is different in the two sexes, and generally at the
end of the first year the sexes will be about equal from the greater
number of male deaths. Throughout the remainder of life females at
all ages are usually in the majority, since more male deaths occur by
their exposure to accident and disease in the pursuance of their
The birth rate per 1,000 for England and Wales is about 30 8.

The birth rate per 1,000 for the County of Middlesex is about



Mr. A. Newman, the Vaccination Officer, informs me that there
were 205 cases of successful vaccination during the year.
Death Rate.
The total number of deaths registered in your District at all ages
and from all causes during the year was 90.
This number does not include deaths which occurred in the London
County Asylum, in the Union, or in the Joint Isolation Hospital.
These are taken into account in Table A appended to the Report: since
we are concerned only with those deaths actually registered in the