London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Southall-Norwood 1897

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall-Norwood]

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(A) Table of Deaths During the Year 1897, classified according to Diseases,

Ages and Localities.

Names of Localities adopted for the purpose of these Statistics; public institutions being shown as separate localities.Mortalily from all causes, at subjoined ages.Mortality from subjoined causes, distinguishing Deaths of Children under Five Years of Age.
Diphtheria.Enteric or Typhoid.Whooping Cough.Diarrhœa & Dysentery.Phthisis.Bronchitis, Pneumonia, & Pleurisy.Heart Disease.Injuries.All other. Diseases.Total.
At all Ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 65.65 and upwards.
Southall-Norwood Urban District902813371326Under 531191911741
5 upwds.135443149
London County Asylum, Norwood1499653Under 54116108110149
5 upwds.
Totals23928133710979Under 535191911741
5 upwds.21915124141198
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(B) Table of Population, Births, and of New cases of Infectious Sickness, classified according

to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.

Names of Localities adopted for the purposes of these Statistics; public institutions being shown as separate localities.Population at all Ages.Registered Births.Aged under 5 or over 5.New Cases of Sickness in each Locality, coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health.Number of such Cases removed from their Homes in the several Localities for treatment in Isolation Hospital.
Last CensusEstimated to middle of 1897.
Scarlatina.DiphtheriaEnteric or Typhoid.Erysipelas.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Enteric or Typhoid.
Southall-Norwood Urban Sanitary Dist.51887913254Under 53988639856
5 upwds.1
London County Asylum, Hanwell20372167Under 5Treated in Isolation Hospital at Asylum.
5 upwds.99
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